STA 6208 - Basic Design & Analysis of Experiments

Spring 2019 Syllabus        WO
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Ben Weber  Presentation    BW_ds1.csv            BW_ds2.csv       R Program

Bowler/Oil Pattern Worksheet Solutions (2/26/2016)

Exam 1 Topics - Spring 2019

Exam 2 Topics - Spring 2019   (INCLUDING EVERYTHING COVERED IN LECTURE)            

Exam 3 Topics - Spring 2019

Spring 2015 - Exam 1 Solutions           Exam 2 Solutions

Spring 2016    Exam 2 Solutions

Spring 2011    Exam 1      Exam 2      Exam 3

Spring 2012    Exam 1      Exam 2       Exam 3

Spring 2013     Exam 1     Exam 2       Exam 3

Spring 2014     Exam 1      Exam 2       Exam  3

Spring 2015     Exam 1      Exam 2       Exam  3

Spring 2016     Exam 1       Exam 2       Exam 3

Spring 2017      Exam 1      Exam 2      Exam 3

Practice Problems by Topic (WIP)

Comparing 2 Populations             PDF

Completely Randomized Design       PDF

1-Way Random Effects Model          PDF

Factorial Designs (Crossed)              PDF

Nested and Nested/Crossed Designs        PDF

Randomized Block, Latin Square, and Balanced Incomplete Block Designs      PDF

2^k Full and Fractional Factorial Designs        PDF

Split-Plot and Repeated Measures Designs        PDF

Analysis of Covariance             PDF

Response Surface Designs         PDF

General Design Scenarios           PDF

Masters Golf Data        Dog Zylkene Data           Apple Sales Data           Apple Marketing Data            Cotton Bleach Data

Exam 1 Topics - Spring 2016         Table that will be provided

Exam 1 (Partial) Solutions - 2014

TOPICS for Spring 2019 FYE - Applied Portion

Extra Final Exam Practice Problems         Practice Repeated Measures Analysis        Data

Final Exam Topics - 2015

Data for Oehlert Textbook

SAS and R Code for Kuehl Textbook Examples

Data and R/SAS Code (Non-textbook Examples)

R Commands for Various Power Calculations

Course Notes (Based on Kuehl Textbook)

Chapter 1          Chapter 2           Chapter 3         Chapter 5        Chapter 6        Chapter 7

Chapter 8           Chapter 9 (p. 9.9 t should =3, not 2)         Chapter 11    Chapter 12   Chapter 14      Chapter 15      Chapter 16

Course Notes (2016) - Work in Progress

Updated Notes - December 27, 2018      R Program for Power Calculations in Chapter 2        

Introduction Resources

Introductory Slides (PPT)      Color       B&W  

Introductory Examples Slides   Word  

Comparing 2 Means Models Description

Comparing 2 Means (Independent Samples)  Child Participation in Meal Prep      
Data (.csv)         Description      R Program

Comparing 2 Means (Dependent Samples)  Cat Drinking Water       Data (.csv)      Description     Data for Regression (.csv)     R Program

Permutation Tests - WNBA/NBA Body Mass Indexes and English Premier League 2012 Home Field Advantage   PPT

Permutation Test (2 Independent Samples) - 2013 WNBA/NBA Body Mass Indexes       Data (.csv)         R Program                

Permutation Test (Paired Samples)  - 2012 English Premier  Soccer League Home Field Advantage         Data (.csv)           R Program          

Independent sample t-test - NBA/EPL BMI - Power Calculation/Simulation          R Program

Paired t-test    Measuring Wine Isotopes by 2 Methods   EXCEL

Comparing 2 Means - Unequal Variances - Art Course Effects on Reading Development

Completely Randomized Design Resources

Kuehl - Chapter 2 Example  (EXCEL)

Matrix form for X, P, Quadratic Forms

Meniscus Experiment     Data      Description      EXCEL Spreadsheet

Innoculating Amoeba     Case Study      Data       Description   SAS Program    SAS Output       R Program     R Output

1-Way ANOVA - Matrix Approach With Various Constraints - Sexual Side Effects of 4 Antidepressants      Data (.csv)    R Program

Permutation Test (7 Independent Samples) - 1927 Yankees Run Scored by Opponents (Away Games)       Data (.csv)         R Program         R Output           Graph

NHL/NBA/EPL Body Mass Indices     R Program         EXCEL

Power Simulation  R Program    R Output     EXCEL Simulation (Corrected)

Power Plot and Calculations for Chicken Drumstick Weight Experiment        R Program for Power Plots as Function of Taus             R Program for Power Plots for Various Sample Sizes at Fixed Taus

CRD Contrasts/Multiple Comparisons/Alternative Models Resources

Art Cleaning Multiple Test      R Program       EXCEL

Chicken Whole Breast Weights - Contrasts         SAS Program       SAS Output      R Program  

Chicken Whole Breast Weights - Multiple Comparisons         SAS Program       SAS Output      R Program        R Output

NHL/NBA/EPL Body Mass Indices      R Program

Mosquito Repellant      Data (.csv)        Description         R Program

Chicken Whole Breast Weights - Welch's Method (Unequal Variances)    SAS Program   SAS Output   R Program   EXCEL Spreadsheet

Oehlert Resin Data Example      R Program     EXCEL

Peak Intensity and MPA Standard Suspension - Pharmaceutical Experiment  - Orthogonal Polynomial Contrasts      
 Data       Description      SAS Program   SAS Output     R Program   R Output

1-Way ANOVA with Numeric Factor - Dose Response

1-Way ANOVA and Multiple Comparison Methods - Comfort Ratings for 13 Fabric Types

1-Way ANOVA - Multiple Comparison Procedures - Pest Effects on Juice Yield             EXCEL Spreadsheet

Drumstick Orthogonal Contrasts  (EXCEL)          General Linear Test Form of Contrasts

Studentized Range Example (EXCEL)

Multiple Comparison Simulations (Equal Means)       R Program       R Output   

Multiple Comparison Simulations (Unqual Means)     R Program     Excel Output

Chilosan Study in Mice    EXCEL     WORD

Variance Stabilizing Transformations

Model Diagnostics and Tests

Slip Resistance Among 23 Brands of Boots   (EXCEL)

Miniscus Example (EXCEL)

Levene's Test - Drumstick Data

NHL, NBA, EPL Body Mass Index             Worksheet           R Program      EXCEL

1-Way ANOVA - Innoculating Amoebae (PPT)      

Dataset     Description     

SAS Program      SAS Output    

R Program        R Output

Estimated Weighted Least Squares - Pest Effects on Juice Yield         EXCEL      R

Factorial Design Resources

2-Factor ANOVA - Fixed Effects Summary / Suntan Analysis  WORD     EXCEL

Iowa Hog Prices (EXCEL)      Data    Description

Suntan   Dataset    Description     SAS Program    SAS Output     R Program    R Output

Halo Effect 2-Way ANOVA PPT                    EXCEL         R Program

Halo Effect Estimates and E-Reader Contrasts      Worksheet        Halo Effect     Data    Description         E-Reader     Data      Description

Drumstick Weight           EXCEL

Lacrosse Helmets Impact 2-Way ANOVA PPT

3-Way ANOVA Worksheet

Potato Flavor Ratings - 5-Way ANOVA   PPT

Business Indices Over Time - Tukey's One Degree of Freedom for Non-Additivity  PPT

Ethics Scores for Coast guard Members - Unbalanced 2-Way ANOVA      Data    Description    SAS Program   SAS Output    R Program   R Output

Tukey's 1-df Test for Nonadditivity - Raw Data (Journal of Business, Vol. 42, Number 3, P.330) - EXCEL

Tukey's 1-df Test for Nonadditivity - Computations in EXCEL

Adaptation Analysis           EXCEL       Worksheet

Poker Skill R Program         Text Output             Graphics Output      EXCEL     PDF Graph         Data                 Description

Karate Board Deflection - Unbalanced 2 Way ANOVA - EXCEL     Data         R Program        R Text Output        SAS Program    SAS Text Output

1-Way Random Effects Models Resources

Simulation Comparing Fixed and Random Effects (EXCEL)

Hops 1-Way Random Effects Example - EXCEL

Women's Hammerthrow Random Effects Example  -  EXCEL

1-Way Random Effects Model - NBA Player Game Efficencies 2016/7 Regular Season        R Program

Distribution of F-Statistic/Power Calculations    WORD    EXCEL         Sampling Distribution of MSW/MSA  (EXCEL)

Simulation Program for Obtaining Power for 1-Way Random Effects Model    R Program

Multi-Factor Random and Mixed Effects Models Resources

Sports Injury Paper: A. Hayen, et al (2007). Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport (2007) 10, 201—210.

Description and Application of Satterthwaite's Approximation - PPT

2-Way Random Effects ANOVA - Repeatability and Reproducibility of Drill Hole Measurements         Data (.csv)           Description          R Program

Pro Bowler Data (2006) - 2-Way Random Effects Model

Simulation of Unrestricted and Restricted 2-Way Mixed Effects Model (EXCEL)

Breath Alcohol Concentration Analysis       Data       Description        SAS Program          SAS Output             R Program        R Output

Women's Bowling Analysis - 2-Way Mixed Effects Model    Data    Description    SAS Program    SAS Output     R Program     R Output

REML Example (EXCEL)

Sensory Study   R Program

Spatula Experiment - 3-Way Mixed Effects Model           Data       Description          R Program     R Output      SAS Program         SAS Output

Navigational Techniques Experiment - 3 Way Mixed Effects Model       Data      Description      EXCEL

Kuehl - Problem 7.3      Word      EXCEL     Data

Nested 2-Way ANOVA - Birch Pollen Grain Diameter     Data    Description   R Program   R Output   SAS Program   SAS Output    EXCEL

Nested 2-Way ANOVA - Momentum of Animal Traps        Data (.csv)    Description    R Program

Pro Bowler Data (2006) - Crossed and Nested Factors

SAS Program for Pro Bowler Data (Note that Error Term is Incorrect for Oil Pattern Means Comparison)

SAS Output for Pro Bowler Data (Note that Error Term is Incorrect for Oil Pattern Means Comparison)

R Program for Pro Bowler ANOVA (Does not obtain proper error terms)

R Output for Pro Bowler ANOVA (Does not obtain proper error terms)

Pro Bowler Data

Hasse Diagrams for Obtaining Expected Mean Squares and SE(Means) -  PPT

Design Problems - Bowling Scores and Fines

Spatula      Programs/Output        Graphic

Sheetmetal          Programs/Output

Fine/Price      SAS Program    SAS Output      R Program         R Output              Graph        Output w/ Variance-Covariance Matrix for Fixed Effects   SAS       EXCEL

Matrix Approach  to 2-Way Mixed Model (Work in Progress)

Block Design Resources

Sensory Evaluations of Red Wine in Various Bottle Colors         EXCEL

Randomized Block Design - Caffeine and Endurance (PPT)           Data       Description

Randomized Block Design Worksheet - Wool Hairiness by Twist Level and Test Speed    EXCEL     Data     Description

Latin Square Design - Tea Variety and Price Valuation (PPT)        Data          Description

Latin Square Design Worksheet - Tang Sales by Shelf Space   
       Data          Description

Map Color SAS Program (Replicated Latin Squares)
               R Program      Output

Latin Square Examples:  
Comparative evaluation of efficacy of 0.2% Chlorhexidine, Listerine and Tulsi
extract mouth rinses on salivary Streptococcus mutans count of high school
children—RCT    Pooja Agarwal a,⁎, L. Nagesh, Contemporary Clinical Trials 32 (2011) 802–808

The rise and fall of the Latin Square in marketing: a cautionary tale
Hamlin, Robert P
European Journal of Marketing; 2005; 39, 3/4; ABI/INFORM Complete
pg. 328

Balanced Incomplete Block Design Resources

Balanced Incomplete Block Design - Interviewers and Car Dealershps (PPT)               Data        Description       SAS Program    SAS Output

BIBD - SEC Football 2008  WORD    EXCEL

Kuehl Problem 9.1  (EXCEL)

Factorial Design  Resources

Overview of Factorial Models

EXCEL Worksheet for Problem 11.6

2^4 Full Factorial for Flux Decline in Water Filtration

2^n Factorial Design - Chemical Oxygen Demand Removal from Distillery Spent Water      Data          Description

Fractional Factorial Design - Controlling Shrinkage in Wool Fabrics - 7 Treatments in 8 Runs  (PPT)

Fractional Factorial Designs - Benzocaine in Cough Syrup Formulations (EXCEL)
   - Corrected

Response Surface Relating Sugarcane Wine Rating to 3 Factors          R Program            R Output        Graphics Output

Response Surface Model - Tilapia Hematology Parameters affected by Temperature and Dietary Protein     Data    Description

SAS Program       SAS Output         R Program    R Text Output     R Graphics Output

Split-Plot/Repeated Measures/Crossover Design Resources

Split Plot Experiment - Wool Shrinkage (PPT)

Split-Plot Experiment - LPGA Golf Scores (PPT)

Repeated Measures Model/Derivations - Univariate Model (Kuehl Notation)    (PPT)

Repeated Measures Experiment - Rogaine and Hair Growth (PPT)

Repeated Measures - Multivariate Model - Rogaine (WORD)

Repeated Measures ANOVA with No Between and 2 Within Factors (Multivariate Analysis) - Task Completion Times for Navigation Techniques and Input Methods         EXCEL Spreadsheet

Repeated Measures - Lithium vs Olanzapine (EXCEL)

Repeated Measures - Cat Anxiety and Zylkene (EXCEL)          SAS Program       SAS Output       R   Program   Output    Program Based on LME/GLS

Repeated Measures - Photosynthetic Rates for Plants at 2 Sites w/ 2 Treatments and 7 Concentrations

Data1   Description1    Data2   Description2      SAS Program    SAS Output     R Program    R Output

Repeated Measures Mixed Effects Models Psychophysiology    SAS Program     SAS Output    R Program   R Output   Univariate Data (.csv)

Crossover Design - 3 Delivery Patches for Post-Menopuasal Patients

Data      Description        SAS Program      SAS Output     R Program    R Output 

Kenward Jones 2-Period/2-Sequence Crossover Design      EXCEL

Crossover Design in Modified Latin Square - 4 Irrigation Methods for water Usage and Corn Yield

Diet Comparison Paper

Randomization Test for Paired Difference Data

Chapter 13 Slides

Analysis of Covariance Output - Trombone Example

ANCOVA - Wheelchair Skills

Homework Projects

Homework #1 - Due 1/25/19           R Program for NHL/EPL     Skeleton R Program for part1.c.    

Abdominal Leakage in Breast Reconstruction Surgery           Data (.csv)    

Homework # 2 - Due 2/8/19       PDF         R Simulation Program (VERY Simplistic)                 SAS Simulation Program (VERY Simplistic)

Homework #3 - Due 2/27/19   PDF     Sugar Cane/Pest Data        Laundry Shrinkage data

Meniscus Data (Use Third Response Variable)      Meniscus Description

 R Simulation to Generate Data (Note: Get rid of "printing" at end when simulating)        SAS Simulation to Generate Data (Note: Get rid of "printing" at end when simulating)

R Simulation Program        SAS Simulation Program

Homework #4 - Due 3/29/19

Repeatbility and Reproducibility in Steel Production Measurements           Data (.csv)              Description

Fraction of Wool Dye in Bath by Treatment and Observer                    Data                    Description

   Wool Friction data      
      Wool Friction Spreadsheet

Homework #5  - Due 4/19/19   pdf     Bowler data (Excel)   Bowler Data (Text)     Tagamet/Pepcid Data (Text)    Juice Sales data (Text)

Homework #6 - Due 04/26/19    Place in my mailbox, not Yue Bai's  

Repeated Measures Analysis: Analyze the Dog Zylkene Experiment Data    

Effects of Zylkene on Dogs with Emotional Disorders        Univariate    Data     Description       Multivariate        Data        Description

Split Plot Design - Chymosin for Skim Mozzarella Cheese (Y = adhesiveness)    
    Data (.csv)        Description

Data Below is not relevant to Homework Spring 2016

Problem 14.1 Data      Problem 15.1 Data     Problem 16.1 Data

Problem 14.1   EXCEL (Formula for interaction Contrast on P. 193 of Kuehl)   R Program     SAS Program    SAS Output

In Class Worksheets/Examples

Chapter 1 - Shampoo Comparison: t-test, Analysis of Covariance, Randomization Test (EXCEL)

Chapter 1 - Shampoo Comparison: t-test, Analysis of Covariance, Randomization Test Worksheet  (WORD)

Lacrosse Helmets (Front) EXCEL

Breaking Strength and Percent Stretch versus Fiber Length

Multiple Comparisons Among 13 Fabric Types

Wool Shrinkage by Trt & pH - 2-Factor ANOVA

Suntan Product Analysis  - 2-Factor ANOVA

Rope Climbing Data - EXCEL

Rope Climbing Data - SAS Program

Rope Climbing Data - SAS Output

Wool Wet Air - Analysis of Covaraiance - SAS Program

Wool Wet Air - Analysis of Covaraiance - SAS Output

Split Plot Analysis

Split-Plot Experiment - Wool Shrinkage by Treatment and Dry Cycle (PPT)

Wool Shrinkage Dataset

Wool Shrinkage Description

Wool Shrinkage SAS Program

Wool Shrinkage R Program

Repeated Measures Analysis

Repeated Measures Design - Rogaine Study in Women (PPT)

Rogaine Dataset

Rogaine Description

Rogaine SAS Program

Rogaine R Program

Oehlert Examples

Example 4.3 - SAS Code

Example 4.3 - SAS Output

Example 4.3 - R Code

Example 4.3 - R Output

Example 7.3 - SAS Code

Example 7.3 - SAS Output

Example 7.3 - R Code

Example 7.3 - R Output

SAS Code for General Power Calculations (Smallest n for Fixed Power)

SAS Output for General Power Calculations (Smallest n for Fixed Power)

R Code for General Power Calculations (Smallest n for Fixed Power)

R Output for General Power Calculations (Smallest n for Fixed Power)

Example 10.1 - SAS Code  (WIP)

Example 10.1 - SAS Output (WIP)

Example 11.2-3 - SAS Code

Example 11.2-3 - SAS Output

Updated Dataset for Example 13.12

Example 13.12 - SAS Program

Example 13.12 - SAS Output

Example 13.12 - R Program

Example 13.12 - R Output

Example 15.7 - SAS Program

Example 15.7 - SAS Output

Example 18.3 - SAS Program

Example 18.3 - SAS Output

Chapter 4 Material (From Regression Course)

Simple Linear Regression - Violations of Assumptions - Simulated Data

Variance Stabilizing Transformations
Box-Cox Transformation Description

Old Exams & Quizzes

Fall 2002 - Exam 1

Fall 2002 - Exam 2

Fall 2001 - Exam 2

Fall 2001 - Exam 3

Fall 2001 - Quiz 2

Fall 2001 - Quiz 3


Chi-Square, F (alpha=0.05)

Bonferroni t-table

Studentized Range Distribution
                 Extended # Treatments

Dunnett/MCB 1-Sided  (k=g-1)

Dunnett/MCB 2-Sided

Combined Studentized Range and Bonferroni t-table