1-Way ANOVA - Innoculating Amoebae (PPT)

Innoculating Amoebae Dataset

Innoculating Amoebae Description

Innoculating Amoebae SAS Code

Innoculating Amoebae R Code

Randomized Block Design - Caffeine and Endurance (PPT)

Caffeine Endurance Dataset

Caffeine Endurance Description

Caffeine Endurance SAS Code

Caffeine Endurance R Code

2-Way ANOVA - Lacrosse Helmets  (PPT)

Lacrosse Helmet Dataset

Lacrosse Helmet Description

Lacrosse Helmet SAS Code

Lacrosse Helmet R Code

Nested Design - Water Levels by Swamp Size  (PPT)

Swamp Water Level Dataset

Swamp Water Level Description

Swamp Water Level SAS Code

Swamp Water Level R Code

Split-Plot Experiment - Wool Shrinkage by Treatment and Dry Cycle (PPT)

Wool Shrinkage Dataset

Wool Shrinkage Description

Wool Shrinkage SAS Code

Wool Shrinkage R Code

Repeated Measures Design - Rogaine Study in Women (PPT)

Rogaine Dataset

Rogaine Description

Rogaine SAS Code

Rogaine R Code

Analysis of Covariance Slides with white background (PPT)

Body Length and Head Length for Trout from 2 Lakes (PPT)

Trout Head Dataset

Trout Head Description

Trout Head SAS Code

Trout Head R Code

Trombone Dataset

Trombone Description

Trombone SAS Program

Trombone SAS Output

Trombone R Program

Trombone R Output