STA 6167 - Statistical Methods in Research II

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Syllabus (Spring 2018)
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Linear Regression Problems        WORD      PDF      Solutions            

Experimental Design Problems       WORD       PDF        Solutions (Part 1: QA-QD)
     Solutions (Part 2: QE-QH)

Analysis of Covariance Problems       WORD      PDF        Solutions

Logistic, Poisson, Nonlinear Regression Problems            WORD     PDF         Solutions

Spring 2018 Exam 2 Scores (339 Points)   Code = cos(UFID)*100*ln(UFID) + sin(UFID)*sqrt(UFID)

Exam 1 Topics - Spring 2018

Exam 1 Solutions - Spring 2016

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Exam 2 Topics - Spring 2018

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1. Introductory statistics with R


Peter Dalgaard.


Author: Dalgaard, Peter


Published: New York : Springer, c2008.


(E-book)  E-book


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Course Notes and Materials - APPLIED STATISTICAL METHODS

Solutions to Problems in Course Notes

Running Programs in R

R.bat file (Save this to your C:\sta6167 directory)

Introduction to R (Work in Progress)

Running R on Windows and Macs (Source: Stanford University Social Science Data and Software)

Downloading RStudio (Very helpful platform for Running R and managing Plots)

t, Chi Square, F Distributions (Upper .05 Tail Probabilities)

Combined Studentized Range and Bonferroni t-table

Multiple Linear Regression

Multiple Linear Regression Slides (PPT)

Multiple Linear Regression Slides (PDF)

Multiple Regressions Slides with White Background  (PDF)

Linear Regression Notes         Update (2/3/2015)

Least Squares Estimation, Tests Regarding Regression Coefficients

Texas January Mean Temperature (n=369)  EXCEL          R Program        SAS Program     SAS Output    EXCEL (2 Models)

Wine Price and Ratings - Complete/Reduced Models     PDF

Texas Weather Case Study (Smaller Dataset)          Texas Weather 

Model Diagnostics

Simple Linear Regression - Graphing and Testing Model Assumptions - NBA Players Weights and Heights                EXCEL        R Program

Argentine Wheat Yield versus Temperature and Rainfall 1890-1919   (EXCEL)

Texas weather Spreadsheet (Larger Dataset)

Box-Cox Tranformation (Based on Full LPGA Data)

R Program     R Text Output     R Graphics Output    
SAS Program     SAS Text Output     SAS Graphics Output

Determination of Age of Old Carpets by Chemical Levels      Data (.csv)       Description             EXCEL Spreadsheet

Salmon Generalized Least Squares Analysis (Autocorrelated Errors)    Data    Description

R Program        R Output        SAS Program      SAS Output

Influence Diagnostics Notes

Muscle Data Analysis Case Study         Dataset      Description    Apparent R Guidlelines for Identifying Influential Observations

SAS Program     SAS Output      R Program     R Output

Wine Sales and Population (EXCEL)

Bootstrap Example
Antioxidant Levels and Activity in Lager Beers                 .csv          .r

Model Building

Mortgage Yield by SMSA                Data          Description             R Program

Cruise Ship Data Case Study          R Program        R Text Output     SAS Program       SAS Output (HTML)    SAS Output (PDF)       Data      Description

Cruise Ship Model Building (Updated)             R Program (Updated)
LPGA 2008 Case Study            Dataset     Description       Worksheet       R Program for Worksheet

R Program           R Text Output      R Graphics Output           SAS Program    SAS pdf Output    SAS Text Output (BP Test)

Lager Aroma Worksheet            Data        Description             R Program         R Output

Texas Weather All Possible Regressions Worksheet       Excel Spreadsheet

LPGA 2008 Case Study            Dataset     Description       Worksheet       R Program for Worksheet

R Program           R Text Output      R Graphics Output           SAS Program    SAS pdf Output    SAS Text Output (BP Test)

Models with Categorical Predictors (Dummy Variables)

Egyptian Cotton EXCEL Spreadsheet        R Program          Data     Description

Polynomial Regression and Resonse Surface Models

Ice Cream Sensory Evaluations                     EXCEL             Data           Description

Shot Putt - Power Clean Polynomial Regression     EXCEL

Response Surface Model - Tilapia Hematology Parameters affected by Temperature and Dietary Protein     Data    Description

SAS Program       SAS Text Output    SAS Graphics Output     R Program    R Text Output     R Graphics Output

NASCAR Top Qualifying Speed EXCEL Spreadsheet               NASCAR Top Qualifying Speed Worksheet

Top Qualifying Speed    Data   Description    SAS Program       SAS Text Output   SAS Graphics Output    R Program      R Text Output     R Graphics Output 

Experimental Design and the Analysis of Variance

Experimental Design Slides (PPT)
         (PDF)      Updated 3/15/2018

1-Way ANOVA / Completely Randomized Design

Menu/Calorie 1-Way ANOVA  EXCEL Analysis 1          Analysis 2

Drumstick Weight EXCEL Example
      R Program

Innoculating Amoebae (PPT)
        Dataset     Description     

SAS Program      SAS Output

R Program        R Output    
R Program for Bonferroni CIs     R Output for Bonferroni CIs

Slip Resistance Among 23 Brands of Boots   (EXCEL)

American Apparel Reputation Experiment       Data       Description           EXCEL

1927 Yankees EXCEL Spreadsheet              Military Fabrics EXCEL Spreadsheet

Power Calculations for 1-Way ANOVA in R          NHL/NBA/EPL BMI Power Example

Randomized Block Design

Caffeine and Endurance (PPT)      Dataset     Description    

SAS Program         SAS Output      R Program     R Output        R Program for Bonferroni CIs     R Output for Bonferroni CIs

Cheese Experiment (EXCEL)        Data (.csv)        R Program

Chopstick Efficiency       Worksheet      EXCEL Spreadsheet     Data     Description

Latin Square Design

Product Sales by Shelf Space for 4 Categories (Tang = Category 3)    Worksheet    Data    Description     EXCEL Spreadsheet

SAS Program       SAS Output
          R Program           R Output

Multiple Latin Squares - Map Distance Experiment       Worksheet         EXCEL Spreadsheet

Factorial Designs

Fixed Effects Models

Halo Effect 2-Way ANOVA PPT                    EXCEL         R Program

2-Way ANOVA - Lacrosse Helmets  (PPT)      Dataset         Description         SAS Program       SAS Output     R Program        R Output

E-Reader Spreadsheet                

Breathalyzer Spreadsheet        

Expected Mean Squares

3- Way ANOVA    Poker Skill R Program         Text Output             Graphics Output               Data                 Description

Unbalanced 2-Way ANOVA  Deflection of Karate Boards    R Program     R  Output    SAS Program    SAS Output

Celebrity Endorser  and Attention by Product          R Program      
Data (.csv)          Description

NBA Player Games 2016/17 Regular Season 1-Way Random Effects Model           R Program          Data (.csv)

Random and Mixed Effects Models

Hops 1-Way Random Effects Example - EXCEL

NBA Player Games 2016/17 Regular Season    (1-Way Random Effects)          R Program          Data (.csv)

Pro Bowler Data (2006) - 2-Way Random Effects Model - EXCEL             R Program      Data (.csv)

Women's Bowling Analysis - 2-Way Mixed Effects Model    Data    Description    SAS Program    SAS Output     R Program     R Output

Nested Designs

Water Levels by Swamp Size  (PPT)    Data
     Description     SAS Program       SAS Output     R Program       R Output

Nested Design - Semiconductor           
 Data      Description        EXCEL        R Program

Split-Plot Designs

Wool Shrinkage by Treatment and Dry Cycle (PPT)     Dataset      Description      SAS Program    SAS Output    R Program     R Output

Repeated Measures Designs

Rogaine Study in Women (PPT)       Dataset      Description      SAS Program    SAS Output    R Program        R Output

Repeated Measures - Per Capita Income by Region - EXCEL Spreadsheet

Repeated Measures ANOVA - Zylkenene for Cats with Anxiety       EXCEL Spreadsheet     Univariate   Data   Description    Multivariate       Data        Description

SAS   Program    Output       R   Program   Output

Random Coefficient Regression Models

Winter Wheat Data      SAS Program      SAS Output     R Program      R Output       EXCEL File

Breathalyzer     Data     Description      SAS Program         SAS Output       R Program     R Output

Analysis of Covariance

Analysis of Covariance Slides (PPT)      (PDF)       white background (PPT)

Body Length and Head Length for Trout from 2 Lakes (PPT)      Dataset      Description    SAS Program      SAS Output    R Program         R Output

Trombone Dataset    Description     SAS Program   
   SAS Output      R Program           R Output           EXCEL Spreadsheet      Completed Sheet

Generalized Linear Models

Introduction to Discrete Probability Distributions (PPT)

Odds Ratios and Relative Risks - John Snow Cholera Data  (PPT)

Introduction to Generalized Linear Models  (PPT)          Color (Updated 4/12/2018 - WIP)

Logistic Regression

NBA 2014/15 - Logistic Regression
   EXCEL     R Program        

T-Shirt Color Effect on Tipping             R Program      EXCEL      

Logistic Regression - NFL Field Goal Attempts (2003)

Ski Head Injury Table 1     Table 2

Motorcycle/ED Worksheet      R Program    R Output  R Output 2    R Graph     SAS Program   SAS Output   SAS Graph

Lobster Survival in Tether Experiment (PPT)      R Program

Pre-Challenger O-Ring Failure and Temperature  (PPT)     Dataset     Description     SAS Program      SAS Output      R Program      R Output

Donner Party Data     Description    SAS Program       SAS Output     R Program               R Output

Diesel Train Engine Diffusion Plots  (EXCEL)

Herbicide Picloram Dataset     Description    SAS Program       SAS Output      R Program        R Output

Poisson Regression

Poisson Distribution - English Premier League Soccer Scores (PPT)

Likelihood Ratio, Wald, and Lagrange Multiplier Tests - European Premier League Goals 2004 Season

Webworm Larvae Dataset     Description     SAS Program       SAS Output     R Program         R Output

Poisson Regression - Caution Flags at NASCAR Races (PPT)    Data    Description    SAS Program     SAS Output    R Program         R Output

West Nile Virus in South Carolina Data
      Description     SAS Program       SAS Output      R Code      R Output

Apprentice Worksheet      SAS Program      SAS Output          R Program      R Output

Tree Sex Plots - Project 4 (EXCEL)

 Poisson Regression with Rates Friday the 13th and Deaths in Finland                  Friday the 13th and Deaths in Finland  SAS Output

Nonlinear Regression

Logistic and Nonlinear Regression Models  (PPT)

Cobb-Douglas Production Function Case Study   Data    Description

Orlistat Fat Absorption Case Study    Data     Description      SAS Program      SAS Output      R Program          R Output

Fertilizer Yield Data     Description     SAS Program      SAS Output     R Program      R Output      Fitted Values (EXCEL)

Distilled Spirits Worksheet    EXCEL File     Data     Description       SAS Program      SAS Output     R Program      R Output

Kentucky Derby Winning Times    Data (.csv)    R Program

Destroyer_Graph  (EXCEL)

Survival Analysis

Introduction to Survival Analysis (PPT)

Fly Survival by Treatment Case Study     Data    Description    SAS Program     SAS Output     R Program    R Output

Male & Female Survival Curves - Rock n Roll Marathon Completion Times, Washington, DC 2015  (EXCEL)

Datasets/Programs From Tuesday April 8, 2008 Lecture

U.S. Cotton Production Efficiency 1834-1860  Data

Union Army Strength/Casualties at Gettysburg  Data
    Description   R Program -- Division 1 as Reference    R Output   SAS Program -- Division 9 as Reference       SAS Output

Ginkgo/Acetazolamide for Acute Mountain Sickness in Himalayan Trekkers  Data
  Description    R Program    R Output    SAS Program        SAS Output


Project 1 - Due 2/6/18

Ballistic Dataset

Ballistic Data Description

R Code for Project1, Part 2

SAS Code for Project1, Part 2

Stature Dataset         Description            R Program         SAS Program

Evaporation Dataset             Description          R Program     SAS Program

Project 2 - Due 3/13/2018


Mollusc Dataset         EXCEL

Mollusc Description          R Program   R Program for Bonferroni CIs    SAS Program

Problem 6.37 Dataset      EXCEL

Problem 6.38 Dataset      EXCEL

Suntan Lotion Dataset     EXCEL

Suntan Lotion Description

Hairiness of Fabric of Various Twist Levels, Test Speeds, and Bobbins                Data                Description      R Program

Project 3 - Due 4/10/18

Brand Caffeine Data (Brand, Restaurant, Caffeine Content)

Brand Caffeine data  (EXCEL format)       Partial Analysis (EXCEL)

CO2 Uptake Dataset

CO2 Uptake Description

Wool Fiber Dataset

Wool Fiber Descrption

Project 4 - Due 4/24/18    

Project 4 Worksheet

Mice Radiation Data

Mice Radiation Description      R Program

British Rail Data     .csv      .dat         Vars are (year, year.1967, privatize, kilometers (millions), fatalities)    R Program    SAS Program

Destroyer Data             Description              R Program       SAS Program