STA 4702 - Multivariate Statistical Methods
STA 5701 - Applied Multivariate Methods

Spring 2017 Syllabus      WORD     HTML

Instructor: Larry Winner     Office: 228 Griffin/Floyd   Phone: (352) 273-2995    E-mail:    Office Hours: M 12:30-1:30   Th 11:00-12:00

TA: Minji Lee,   Office: FLO 115B,   e-mail:     Office Hours: Tu 2:00-4:00    W   9:00-10:00

Textbook Datasets

Homework Projects:    

Project 1 (Due 2/3):     Word       PDF

Project 2 (Due 2/24)    Word       Part 1 Data         Part 2/4 Data        Part 3  Data     Description

Project 3 (Due 3/31)    Word       Part 1  R Program to Read Part 1 Data   Data          Description        Part 2     Data (.csv)         Description      
                                                     Part 3     Data (.csv)
  R Program to Read Part 3 Data    FT_PCT was removed due to missing data.

Project 4 (Due 4/19):  J&W: 9.34,   10.13,   11.24a-f,    R Program    12.14-15     R Program

Exam 1 (2/3/2017) Topics         Exam 2 (3/17/2017)  Topics        Tables for Exam 2:   Chi-Square / F     Bonferroni t

Exam 2 Scores  Code:   =atan(ufid)*cos(ufid) + sin(ufid)*ln(ufid)

Exam 3 (4/17/2017)      Topics         Practice Problems   Problem 1: n=22   Answers

Exam 3 Scores (150 points)   Code = ln(UFID)*sin(UFID)*cos(UFID)

Chapter 1 Materials

Practice Problems:  
1,2,3,6,7a,9,11,12a-b,15,17,18      Solutions

Chapter 1 Notes

LPGA 2008 Performance        
Data      Description        R Program      EXCEL   

Greenhouse Gas Production Growth Curves      EXCEL  

NFL Combine 2014              
Data (.csv)

Chapter 2 Materials

Practice Problems:    1b,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,13,15,16,17,18,19,20,23,24,25,26,27,32,34,35,36,41   Partial Solutions

Chapter 2 Notes

Introduction to Vectors and Matrices (PPT)

LPGA 2008 Performance         Data      Description        R Program

Chapter 3 Materials

Practice Problems:  1,3,4,6,8,11,13,14,16,18,20     Solutions

Chapter 3 Notes

Chapter 3 Slides

NFL Combine 2014    R Program          

NHL Height/Weight       R Program

Chapter 4 and Supplementary Materials

Practice Problems: 2,3,4a,5,6,7,16,17,19,21,22,29ab    Solutions

Chapter 4 Notes

Probability Distribution Slides

Distributions of Functions of Normal RVs         R Program        R Output         Graphics Output

NHL Height/Weight      R Program         EXCEL

Bivariate Normal Density (Includes 3-D plot that updates with parameter changes)  (EXCEL)

Chapter 5 Materials

Practice Problems:
 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,13,16, 18,20       Solutions    Note on 5.9 I did not use the large-sample version of Tests/CIs

Chapter 5 Notes

NFL Height/Weight Example     R Program
R Program for Plotting Confidence Ellipsoid for p=2

Florida Lotto Example         R Program

Chapter 6 Materials

Textbook Practice Problems: 1,2,5,7,8,9,10,11,12,17,18,21,22,24,26,29,31,34,35,36,37     Solutions (Part 1)       Solutions (Part 2)    Solutions (Part 3)

Exam Practice Problems:      Part 1: Identification of Methods (Do these first!)         Part 2: Calculations     Solutions

Chapter 6 Notes    ( Confidence Region at bottof p. 6.2 should have S_d^(-1) )        Approximate F-Tests for MANOVA Models

WNBA Home/Away Stats Example - Paired Comparisons        R Program      EXCEL File to Generate Data

Blood Alcohol Concentration Determinations by 3 Methods - Repeated Measures to Compare Treatments      Data (.csv)      R Program    

Theophylline Clearance and Heartburn Medication - Repeated Measures to Compare Treatments       EXCEL

Comparison of NFL Combine Offensive Linemen and Defensive Linemen - Hotelling's T^2      R Program

Isotopes Measured in Elephant Tusks in 4 Regions of Africa - 1-Way MANOVA              R Program     Data(.csv)     Description

Isotopes Measured in Elephant Tusks in 4 Regions of Africa - Box's Test of Equal Variance-Covariance Matrices       R Program

Efficiency of 4 Dryers on 3 Clothing Categories - 2-Way MANOVA           Data     Description       R Program       EXCEL

Potato Quality Ratings (Boiled vs Bake@450) - Profile Analysis with 2 Groups              Data      Description        R Program    

J&W Growth Curve Example    EXCEL

Caffeine versus Placebo for Psychomotor Performance Lases under Sleep Deprivation - Growth Curves (Repeated Measures)
  Data      Description     R Program (Multivariate)     R Program (Univariate LME Model)

Greenhouse Gas emissions for Large Nations 1970-2012    EXCEL

Chapter 7 Materials

Practice Problems: 1,2,7,8,9,10,12,13,14,15,19.21,25     Solutions    Part 1    Part 2

Chapter 7 Notes            F-Tests Based on Wilks' Lambda and Pillai's Trace     Wilks' Lambda formula corrected 3/27/2017     

Linear Regression - NFL Point Predictions and Actual Scores - 2007

Multiple Linear Regression - Texas January High Temperatures  (Complete/Reduced Models)

Multivariate Regression - Monthly British Butter Prices (1930-1936)     Wilks' Lambda formula corrected 3/27/2017

Biodiesel Transesterification from Rapseed Oil in 3 Alcohols               Data (.csv)              Description           R Program

Chapter 8 Materials

Practice Problems:  1,2,3,4,6,7,8,10,11,15,26     Solutions

Chapter 8 Notes  

Example 8.4    R Program             Example 8.5    R Program      

Albacore Chemical          Data      Description           R Program

LPGA Performance          Data       Description          R Program  

Multiple Linear Regression - Standing Heights and Other Stature Attributes for Female Police Officer Candidates (Multicollinearity/Principal Component Regression)

Chapter 9 Materials

Practice Problems:  1,2,3,6,10,12,13,19,24     Solutions   Part 1      Part 2

Chapter 9 Notes

Rock Strength Factor Analysis based on Raw Data       R Program       Data (.csv)        Description

Shampoo Factor Analysis beased on Singular Correlation Matrix       R Program

Problem 9.19          R Program

Problem 9.24           R Program

Chapter 10 Materials

Practice Problems:  

Chapter 10 Notes

Example 10.1        R Program

NFL Combine Analysis: X(1) = Body Dimensions   X(2) = Athletic Performance Dimensions
    R Program     Data (.csv)        Data Analysis (pdf)

Personality Traits and Shopping Motivations and Behaviors          R Program      Data (.csv)

Chapter 11 Materials

Practice Problems:  

Chapter 11 Notes

Example with p=1 Variable: Discriminating Between WNBA/NBA Players by BMI  (PPT)

PGA/LPGA Driving Distance/Accuracy        R Program          Data            Description        Data Analysis (pdf)

NHL/EPL Height/Weight                      R Program               Data Analysis (pdf)

Chapter 12 Materials

Practice Problems:  

Chapter 12 Notes

WNBA Points/Assists/Rebounds per 48 Minutes         Data (.csv)       R Program

Example 12.19     R Program