STA 4210 - Regression Analysis

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1. Introductory statistics with R

Peter Dalgaard.

Author: Dalgaard, Peter

Published: New York : Springer, c2008.

(E-book)  E-book

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Syllabus    WORD       PDF 

EXAM 1 Topics          Exam 2 Topics              Exam 3 Topics

Old Exams (Solutions Not Provided)

Exam 1    2012    2013            Exam 2    2012     2013            Exam 3    2012     2013 Note for #3, n=37

Linear Regression Datasets and Programs (KNNL)

Statistical Tables

Miscellaneous Datasets and Programs

Running Programs in R

Running R on Windows and Macs (Source: Stanford University Social Science Data and Software)

Downloading RStudio (Very helpful platform for Running R and managing Plots)

Class Notes

Supplementary Course Notes/R Programs (pdf)     Intro-Chapter2       Chapter3-Chapter4       Chapter5-Chapter13               Datasets/R Programs

NOTE: In the Section on Prediction Intervals, it should be:   +/- t(1-a/2;n-2)...    not  +/- t(a/2;n-2)....

Appendix A Course Notes    (PPT)

Chapter 1 Course Notes    (PPT)  

Antiioxidant Levels and Activity in 40 Varieties of Lager Beer        Data (.csv)         Description      EXCEL Spreadsheet  

Chapter 2 Course Notes     (PPT)   

WNBA Heights and Weights           Data (.csv)       R Program             R Text Output           R Graphics Output

Chapter 3 Course Notes     (PPT) 

Simple Linear Regression - Graphing and Testing Model Assumptions - NBA Players Weights and Heights                EXCEL        R Program

Chapter 4 Course Notes    (PPT)  

Chapter 5 Course Notes      (PPT)

Lottery Matrix Example          R Program

WNBA Heights and Weights        R Program

Chapter 6 Course Notes        (PPT)

Texas January Mean Temperature Analysis     Data (.csv)        R Program        R Output        EXCEL Spreadsheet

Chapter 7 Course Notes     (PPT)

January Mean Temperature Extra Sums of Squares     EXCEL Spreadsheet

US Residential Energy Consumption  1984-2010      Data       Description          R Program

Chapter 8 Course Notes       (PPT)

Container Ship Speed and Fuel Consumption for ship_leg = 1        EXCEL     Data(All ship_legs)      Description

Response Surface Model - Top NASCAR Qualifying Speeds by Track

Chapter 9 Course Notes       (PPT)

Cruise Ship Model Building          R Program        R Text Output          Data      Description

Quadricep Angle Example

Chapter 10 Course Notes        (PPT)

Multiple Linear Regression - Efficiency of Muscle Work  (Diagnostics)

Chapter 11 Course Notes       (PPT)

Estimated Weighted Least Squares - Profits and Market Structure for High Advertising Firms               Data       Description

Maya Moore - WNBA Points/Minutes 2014   (.csv)            R Program

Chapter 12 Course Notes       (PPT)

U.S. Clothing and Footwear Sales 1929-2013  (EXCEL)            
Data (.csv)    Description

New Jersey Casino Data - Cochrane-Orcutt Method (EXCEL)             Worksheet          R Program        R Output

Chapter 13 Course Notes          (PPT)

Cobb-Douglas Production Function Case Study   Data    Description

Orlistat Fat Absorption Case Study    Data     Description       R Program          R Output

Kentucky Derby Winning Speeds    Data (.csv)    R Program

Chapter 1 & 2 Course Notes   (WORD)

Chapter 3 & 4 Course Notes

Diagnostics Using EXCEL (Chapter 3)

Chapter 5 - Introduction to Matrix Algebra (Part I)

Matrix Program for Exam 1 Take-Home Portion

Influence Diagnostics

Worksheets/In-Class Examples

Appendix A - John Snow, Siskel&Ebert, Exotic Pet Species Glucose Levels

Discrete Bivariate Distribution - Female Curling Scores by End at 2014 World Championships     EXCEL

Blood Alcohol Elimination Rates by Gender              Data         Description

Chapters 1&2 -
Simple Linear Regression - Paddy Fields Soft Soil Depth and Bearing Capacity     Note: n=51, n-2=49       

Data        Description          R Program         R Graphics Output       Solution          EXCEL Spreadsheet

Texas Hold 'em Estimated and True Winning Probability Worksheet       EXCEL

Diagnostics Worksheet              Bearing Capacity EXCEL Spreadsheet    Bearing Capacity Updated for Friday 9/28/12 Lecture    

Fiber Strength EXCEL Spreadsheet           Fiber Strength Updated for Monday 10/1/12 Lecture

Yarn Count and Spindle Output Worksheet          EXCEL Spreadsheet              Data              Description        R Program     R Text Output     R Graphics Output

Gravity and Latitude Worksheet            EXCEL Spreadsheet

Cruise Ship Regression Models

Texas January Mean Temp - 369 Stations              Worksheet           Added Variable Plot/Standardized Regression Model (Corrected)

LPGA Data EXCEL Spreadsheet

Egyptian Cotton Brightness EXCEL Spreadsheet    Worksheet

Model Building - Cruise Ship Data          R Program        R Text Output          Data      Description

Influential Observations/Outliers - Efficiency of Muscle Work          EXCEL Spreadsheet    R Program          R Text Output       R Graphics Output

Wine Consumption and Population by State  (EXCEL)

New Jersey Casino Data - Cochrane-Orcutt Method (EXCEL)             Worksheet          R Program        R Output

Student Solutions Manual

Practice Problems

Chapter 1 Practice Problems: 1,2,3,5,6,7,11,13,19-28   

Chapter 2 Practice Problems: 1-5,8,10,11,12,14,17,18,22,23,26,32,33,34     

Chapter 3 Practice Problems: 1-8,11,15,16,18    

Chapter 4 Practice Problems: 2-4,7,12,13,19     

Chapter 5 Practice Problems: 1-8,10A,12-15,21-23

Chapter 6 Practice Problems: 1-4,5,6,7,8,9,16

Chapter 7 Practice Problems: 1,3-6,9,11-14,16-18,20,22-26    

Chapter 8 Practice Problem (This was all in Chapters 7, 11 of 4th ed).   3-8,11,15,19  

Chapter 9 Practice Problems (This was in Chapter 8 of 4th Ed.):  1,2,9,10,13-16     

Chapter 10 Practice Problems
(This was in Chapter 9 of 4th Ed.): 3,5,6,9,10,13-17     

Chapter 11 Practice Problems
(This was in Chapter 10 of 4th Ed.): 2,4-8        

Chapter 12 Practice Problems: 3-7,9-11,13-15       

Homework Projects

Homework Project 1 (Due Sept. 17, 2014)

micegrow.xls       micegrow.dat

R Program to Read GPA Data          R Program to Read micegrow data

Homework Project 2 (Due Oct. 15, 2014)        Data           Description

Homework Project 3 (Due November 14, 2014)           Data  (col.names=c("cityid","Y","X1","X2","X3","X4","X5","X6"))     R Program to Read Data

Homework Project 4 (Due Dec. 5, 2014)

Ballistics Data           Mortgage Yield Data        Bus Company Expenses Data

Exam Take-Home Portions

Exam 1 Take-Home Portion (Due Sept 19, 2014)      Data Spreadsheet       Answer Sheet  (Write very neatly)      R program with direct data entry

Exam 2 Take-Home Portion (Due at beginning of Exam on October 24, 2014)     Data Spreadsheet      Answer Sheet  (Write very neatly)

Exam 3 Take-Home Portion   (Due at Beginning of Exam on December 10, 2014)      Data Spreadsheet

Miscellaneous Tables

Multi-Purpose Table

Bonferroni t-table