STA 4210 - Supplemental Course Notes - Datasets and R Programs

U.S. States Mineral Production and Area     .csv       .r

Bollywood Movie Costs and Box-Office Revenues      .csv        .r     .r 

Air Permeability of Woven Fabrics              .csv         .r      .r        .r

Wine Color and Anthocyanin Glucosides       .csv          .r

Color Intensity of Indigo Dye Applied to Cotton         .csv         .r

Organic Soil Subsistence and Water Levels in Everglades            .csv        .r

Building Costs of Hong Kong Office Buildings            .csv          .r

Aroma Scores for 23 Lager Beers                       .csv              .r  

Weight and  Height, Arm Length, Hand Length at 2014 NFL Combine         .csv       .r      .r        .r  

Ohio Wheat Condition and Meteorological Factors                       .csv            .r            .r        

Spread of Shotgun Pellets by Distance                               .csv          .r      

Recycling Yields in Scotland                                            .csv               .r

China Carbon Emissions and Population Factors                 .csv               .r

WNBA Players Heights and Weights                             .csv                .r

Texas Mean January Temperature by Latitude and Elevation            .csv             .r

U.S. States Mineral Production and Area - Regression Tree          .csv           .r

LPGA Prize Winnings and Performance Statistics            .csv           .r

Antioxidant Levels and Activity in Lager Beers                 .csv          .r           

Central California Water Import and Trapped Salmon in Pumps                .csv       .r       .r

Orlistat for Fat Reduction                                    .csv            .r