STA 4211 -- Design & Analysis of Experiments

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Instructor: Larry Winner   228 Griffin/Floyd    Office Hours:  Tu 10:45-12:00   W 11:45-1:00    Th 7:45-9:00

TA: Srijata Samanta  Office: FLO 218      e-mail:   Office Hours:  M 12:00-12:45     F 1:45-4:00

Practice Repeated Measures Problem       Data 

Applied Topics for ALC Exam           ALC Exam Scores  (Code = tan(UFID)*sqrt(UFID) + 100*ln(UFID))

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Primary Data Websites


Old Exams

Exam 1 Sections (Fall 2018) : 16.1-16.8 (Plus Tests in slides), 17.1-17.7, 18.2, 18.7, 19.1-19.3     Table for Exam 1

Exam 2 Topics          Exam 3 Topics

KNNL Datasets and R Programs

Diagnostics for CRD (From Regression)

Tukey's 1-df Test for Nonadditivity - Raw Data (J. of Business, Vol. 42, #3, p.330) - EXCEL

Tukey's 1-df Test for Nonadditivity - Computations in EXCEL

Special Tables

Combined, t, chi-square, F (alpha=.05)

Bonferroni critical t values (2 sided, alpha=.05)              Updated (EXCEL)

Studentized Range (alpha=0.05)                       EXCEL Version

Hartley's H Table

Chapter 15 Course Notes    (PPT)

Chapter 15 Examples   (WORD)

Comparing 2 Means Models Description

Comparing 2 Means (Independent Samples)  Child Participation in Meal Prep      
Data (.csv)         Description      R Program

Comparing 2 Means (Dependent Samples)  Cat Drinking Water       Data (.csv)      Description     Data for Regression (.csv)     R Program

Chapter 16 Course Notes    (PPT)     Color   (Last updated 1/25/2018)

1-Way ANOVA - Innoculating Amoebae (PPT)      

Dataset     Description

Comparison of 3 Methods for Meniscal Repair on 3 Outcome measures                  Data                 Description           EXCEL           R Program

Drumstick Weight Example           Data            Description          EXCEL      WORD       R Program        R Output

Permutation Tests - WNBA/NBA Body Mass Indexes and English Premier League 2012 Home Field Advantage   PPT

Permutation Test (2 Independent Samples) - 2013 WNBA/NBA Body Mass Indexes       Data (.csv)         R Program

Meniscus Randomization Test Example      R Program       R Output           Graphics Output

1-Way ANOVA 1927 New York Yankees Runs/Game by Opponent        Excel Spreadsheet         Worksheet

NHL, NBA, EPL Body Mass Index             Worksheet           R Program      EXCEL

Power Plot and Calculations for Chicken Drumstick Weight Experiment        R Program for Power Plots as Function of Taus           R Program for Power Plots for Various Sample Sizes at Fixed Taus

Chapter 17 Course Notes    (PPT)      Color      (Last updated 1/30/2018)

Mosquito Repellant    
 Data (.csv)        Description         R Program

Drumstick Weight Example  (EXCEL)

Military Fabric Example (EXCEL)

Chapter 18 Course Notes    (PPT)       Color

Meniscus Variation Example  (EXCEL)

Slip Resistance Among 23 Brands of Boots   (EXCEL)

Chapter 19 Course Notes    (PPT)         Color

Halo Effect Example  (EXCEL)           R Program      PPT        Data      Description

2-Way ANOVA with Tukey Comparisons - Reading Times of 3 E-Readers at 4 Illumination Levels (5 Reps per Treatment)             EXCEL    Data      Description

Chapter 20 Course Notes    (PPT)          Color  

Business Index by Year Example (PPT)              R Program          
Data                        Description

Chapter 23 Course Notes     (PPT)          Color

Karate Board Example (EXCEL)  Updated 2/26/2018 (Comparisons of Wood Types)              Data (Tab Delimited)        R Program         R Output

Chapter 24 Course Notes     (PPT)          Color

Poker Skill R Program         Text Output             Graphics Output       EXCEL     PDF Graph        Data                 Description

Beer Head Half-Life       EXCEL    
Data         Description

Chapter 21 & 27.1-2 Notes   (PPT)          Color

Car Speed Experiment         
Data (.csv)         Description     EXCEL      R Program  

Wool Hairiness Experiment      Worksheet           EXCEL              Data            Description

Chopstick Experiment             EXCEL           Data               Description

Chapter 28 Course Notes    (PPT)            Color

Juice Container Experiment     Worksheet        Data         Description           EXCEL         R Program

Latin Square Design in Multiple Squares - Map Reading on Multiple Paper Colors       PDF      EXCEL Spreadsheet

Chapter 25 Course Notes   (PPT)            Color

NBA Player Games 2016/17 Regular Season    (1-Way Random Effects)          R Program          Data (.csv)       (PPT)

Women's Bowling Results - USBC Reno 2012     Original Spreadsheet      Clean Data (ID, Game, Score)        Spreadsheet with ANOVA 

Hops 1-Way Random Effects Model       EXCEL Spreadsheet        Data         Description      R Program        R Text Output       R Graphics Output

2-Way Random Effects ANOVA - Repeatability and Reproducibility of Drill Hole Measurements         Data (.csv)           Description          R Program

Women's PBA 2009       Worksheet        EXCEL Spreadsheet          R Program        R Output          Data         Description

Chapter 22 Course Notes  (PPT)              Color

Trombone Worksheet         Spreadsheet       Spreadsheet with Plots    R Program

Wheelchair Skills    

Chapter 26 & 27.3 Course Notes   (PPT)       Color

Water Levels by Swamp Size  (PPT)    Data     Description     SAS Program       SAS Output     R Program       R Output

Nested Design - Semiconductor           
 Data      Description        EXCEL        R Program

Zylkene for Cats with Anxiety        Worksheet        Spreadsheet (Corrected 4/10/15)           Data       R Program          R Text Output          R Graphics Output

Zylkene for Dogs       Data            Description

Homework Assignments

Homework #1 (Due 1/31/18)

      Polyphenols in Beer              Data (.csv)

Homework #2 (Due 2/28/18)

      Denim Data               Fish Abundance      data   (corrected)       description  (corrected)      Excel

 Homework #3 (Due 3/23/18)

 Part 1 Data      Part 2 Data

 Homework #4 (Due 4/20/18)   

 Part 1 Data         Part 2 Data     Part 3 Data (CSV Format)      R Program to Read Part 3 Data

Course Topics (Book Sections)

Introduction to Design of Expeiments and Observational Studies (Chapter 15)

 Completely Randomized Design (16.1-16.11,17.1-17.8,18.1-18.7)

 2-Way ANOVA (19.1-19.12,20.1-20.2,23.1-23.3)

Multi-Factor Studies (24.1-24.5)

 Randomized Block Design (21.1-21.5,21.8)

Latin Squares (28.3-28.4, 28.7)

Random and Mixed Effects Model  (25.1-25.4)

Nested Designs (26.1-26.5)

 Analysis of Covariance (22.1-22.4)

 Repeated Measures Designs (27.1-27.2, supplement)

 Response Surface Methodology (30.1-30.2)
Practice Problems (Not to be handed in)

Chapter 15: 1-4,8-10

 Chapter 16: 1,3,4,5,7,8,10,12,17,18,19,21,25,26,27,29,30,32

 Chapter 17: 3,4,5,8,9bc,10,11,15,16

 Chapter 18: 1,2,4,13

 Chapter 19:  3,4,5,10,11a-d,12,13a-d,14,15a-d,16,17a-d,18,19a-d,27,28,30,33

Chapter 20: 5,6,7

Chapter 23: 3,4

Chapter 24: 1-4,6,9

Chapter 21: 2,3,5,6,7

Chapter 28: 14,15,16,17,26

Chapter 25: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Chapter 28: 3,4,5,6,7,8

Chapter 22:

Chapter 27: 3, 4,
Analyze the Rogaine Data


Take Home Exams

Take Home Exam 1 (Due 10:40AM  2/9/18)           Data Spreadsheet

Take Home Exam 2 (Due 10:40AM 3/21/18)          Data Spreadsheet

Take Home Exam 3 (Due 3:00PM 5/1/2018)         EXCEL Spreadsheet