Descriptive Statistics - Cell Phone Radiation by Model          EXCEL Worksheet with Random Sample of 10 Models

Probability - Diagnostic Test for Pulmonary Embolism          EXCEL Spreadsheet

Discrete Probability Distributions - Production of U.S. Currency FY 2003-2005

Probability, Bivariate Distribution, and 2-sample Inference for Means and Variances - John Snow/Siskel&Ebert/Exotic Pets Glucose Levels

Normal distributions of BMI for Male and Female pro basketball Players and Diagnostic tests

Confidence Intervals and Tests for Means - Weight Loss on 4 Diet Plans

1-Sample and 2-Sample Inference for Means and Variances - Blood Alcohol Content Elimination Rate for Men and Women

2-Sample Test for Means/Medians for Dependent Samples - Group and Individual Risk Taking at the Racetrack

2-Sample Test for Equal Means and Measured Effect Size - Comparing Medical College Interview Scores of Sunny and Rainy Days

Comparing 2 Populations - NASCAR Races and New vs Classic Coke

Comparison of 2 Multinomial Proportions - Political Poll

Chi-Square Test - Variety Seeking in Simultaneous versus Sequential Choice Setting

Odds Ratios and Relative Risks - John Snow Cholera Data

Measures of Association for Categorical Variables - John Snow Cholera Data and Clergy attitudes toward dissenters

Correlation - Estimated and True Probabilities of Winning Texas Hold 'em Poker                EXCEL Spreadsheet

Simple Linear Regression - Temperature and Hair Growth

Simple Linear Regression - Paddy Fields Soft Soil Depth and Bearing Capacity

Linear Regression - NFL Scores and Point Spreads

Simple Linear Regression in Matrix Form - 2013 MLB Team Payrolls and Performance       EXCEL Spreadsheet

Linear Regression in Matrix Form - Gravity and Latitude          EXCEL Spreadsheet

Linear Regression and Comparison of Means - Stature and Foot Dimensions

Simple Linear Regression - Lack of Fit Test - Yarn Count and Output in New England Textile Mills        EXCEL Spreadsheet

Multiple Linear Regression - Texas January High Temperature (n=16 sites)

Regression in Matrix Form with Qualitative Predictor - Blood Alcohol and Breath Alcohol Measurements in Males and Females      EXCEL Spreadsheet

Multiple Linear Regression in Matrix Form - Poker Probability Beliefs, Truth, and Timing

Linear Regression - Estimated Weighted Least Squares - Shotgun Pellet Spread by Distance                   EXCEL Spreadsheet  

Multiple Linear Regression - Beer Halls, Church and School Attendance, and Criminality

Multiple Linear Regression - Immigrant Salaries by Nationality

Multiple Linear Regression - Brightness of Egyptian Cotton

Multiple Linear Regression - General Linear Test, CI, PI, Lack of Fit - WNBA Over/Under         EXCEL Spreadsheet

Multiple Linear Regression - Dummy Variables in Accounting Example               EXCEL Spreadsheet

Multiple Regression - Automated Procedures - LCD Television Prices

Multiple Regression - Automated Procedures - LPGA Winnings 2008

Multiple Regression - All Possible Regressions - Mortgage Yields by City

Multiple Regression - Model Building - Factors Effecting Aroma in Lager Beers

Regression Model with Autocorrelated Errors - Atlantic City Casinos Gross Operating Profits 1978-2012      EXCEL Spreadsheet

Multiple Regression - All Possible Regressions/Multicollinearity - Texas January High Temperature (n=16)

Regression Diagnostics - Agriculutral Intensity

Bivariate and Partial Correlations - LPGA Performance Statistics 2008

Polynomial Regression - Trend in Breeding Pairs of King-Penguins at Jardin Japonais Cruzet Archipelago      EXCEL Spreadsheet

Response Surface Model - NASCAR Top Qualifying Speeds

Response Surface Model - Factors Relating to Oil Spill Dispersion            EXCEL File

Exponential Regression - NASCAR Prize Winnings 1990-2003

Nonlinear Regression - Weight of Distilled Spirits

1-Way ANOVA - Arsenic Uptake in 4 Fern Species

1-Way ANOVA 1927 New York Yankees Runs/Game by Opponent
        Excel Spreadsheet

1-Way ANOVA - Orthogonal Contrasts - Inoculating Amoebae

1-Way ANOVA - Multiple Comparison Procedures - Pest Effects on Juice Yield             EXCEL Spreadsheet

1-Way ANOVA - Comparison of Comfort Scores Among 13 Military Fabrics      EXCEL Spreadsheet

1-Way ANOVA Sexy Ads and Attitude Toward a Clothing Firm                   EXCEL Spreadsheet

1-Way ANOVA -
NHL, NBA, EPL Body Mass Index             Worksheet           R Program         EXCEL

1-Way Random Effects ANOVA - Repeatability of Runners' Distances    EXCEL Spreadsheet

1-Way Random Effects ANOVA - Alpha acids in Beer Varieties          EXCEL Spreadsheet

Randomized Block Design - Optimization of Chopstick Length           EXCEL Spreadsheet

Latin Square Design - Juce Sales by Container Type

Latin Square Design - Tang Sales by Shelf Space allotment     PDF         EXCEL Spreadsheet   

Latin Square Design in Multiple Squares - Map Reading on Multiple Paper Colors       PDF      EXCEL Spreadsheet

2-Way ANOVA - Regression Approach (a=3 Levels, b=2 Levels)

2-Way ANOVA with Post-hoc Comparisons

2-Way ANOVA with Tukey Comparisons - Reading Times of 3 E-Readers at 4 Illumination Levels (5 Reps per Treatment)             EXCEL Spreadsheet

2-Way Mixed Effects ANOVA - Seat Position and Horse/Rider Effects on Canter Length

2-Way Mixed Effects ANOVA - Breathalyzer Scores by Machine and Subjects

2-Way Mixed Effects ANOVA - Women PBA Bowlers and 4 Oil Patterns                   EXCEL Spreadsheet

3-Way ANOVA with Fixed Effects - Factors Effecting Yarn Strength

3-Way ANOVA with Random Effects - Medical Assessment of Patients by Raters at Various Time Points

2-Way ANOVA in Randomized Block Design - Wool Hairiness by Test Speed and Twist Level                     EXCEL Spreadsheet

Mixed Designs

2^3 Factorial Experiment - Particle Size in Contact Lenses        R Program/Output

Repeated Measures ANOVA -
Regional Crime Indices Over Time

Repeated Measures ANOVA - Zylkenene for Cats with Anxiety                        EXCEL Spreadsheet

Analysis of Covariance - Trombone Practice Techniques                EXCEL Spreadsheet

Analysis of Covariance - Comparison of 2 Shampoos

Multiple Logistic Regression - Age, Motorcycle Riding, and ED

Poisson Regression - Elephant Poaching and Law Enforcement in Zambia