Categorical Data Analysis

Website for CATEGORICAL DATA ANALYSIS, 2nd edition

For the second edition of Categorical Data Analysis by Alan Agresti (Wiley, 2002), this site contains (1) information on the use of other software (such as R and S-plus, Stata, SPSS, StatXact and LogXact) not covered in Appendix A of the text (which discusses SAS in some detail), (2) data sets for examples in the form of complete SAS programs for conducting the analyses, (3) data sets used in some of the homework exercises, (4) short answers for many of the odd-numbered exercises, (5) extra exercises, and (6) corrections of errors in early printings of the book. Also, there's (7) a seminar on the history of CDA, and (8) a review paper about Bayesian methods for categorical data analysis.

1. Software for categorical data analyses: Here is a file containing information and links for several software packages.

Dr. Laura Thompson has prepared a detailed manual on the use of R or S to conduct all the analyses in the CDA text. You can get a copy of this excellent resource at Laura Thompson R and S manual for CDA. Thanks very much to Dr. Thompson for providing this manual. For my lower-level text, An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis (2nd ed. 2007), an especially useful resource is the website of Chris Bilder, where the link to R has examples of the use of R for most chapters of the text and the link to Schedule has course notes following the ICDA text as well as imbedded R code and output. He also has an extremely useful set of links at the "Link" branch on his menu, including links to home pages for various courses on categorical data analysis.

2. Primary datasets: For data sets for many of the main examples in the text, in the form of SAS programs for conducting the analyses, click on 3. Other datasets not shown in text: Here is a pdf file of Here is a html file of these 4. Selected answers: Here is a pdf file of short 5. Additional exercises: Here is a pdf file containing 6. Corrections: Here is a pdf file showing 7. The final chapter gives a historical tour of CDA. Here is a History of CDA seminar that I presented in September, 2009, to the Boston chapter of the American Statistical Association, with some discussion at the end of the talk on advances having a Boston connection. To watch this, enter your email address and click on Playback. (Scroll below toward the right and you'll see a highly discretized copy of my presentation.)

8. I had intended to include a chapter in the second edition on Bayesian analyses for categorical data analysis (to beef up the short section in Chapter 15), but the book just became too long. However, David Hitchcock (Statistics Dept., Univ. of South Carolina) and I have written a survey paper about such methods:

A somewhat longer version of this paper is a