STA 6902 - Statistical Consulting

Introduction to Biostatistics Course Notes

SPSS Instructions

Lister Data File

Lister Data Description

How to Lie with Statistics Overview

Belmont Stakes Winning Times (1926-2004)

Split-Plot Experiments (PPT)


LPGA Split-Plot Analysis (PPT)

LPGA Split-Plot Analysis (EXCEL)

LPGA Split-Plot Analysis (SAS)

Repeated Measures Designs (PPT)

Diet Comparison Paper (PDF)

Diet Comparison Analysis (PPT)

Diet Comparison Worksheet  (EXCEL)

Shuttle Data - SAS Program

Shuttle Data - SAS Output

U.S. SMSA County Population Data

U.S. SMSA County Population SAS Program

U.S.  SMSA County Population EXCEL Worksheet

Topics in Data Management  (PPT)