STA 6167 Section 1F80

Statistical Methods in research ii

Spring 2017

Tu 2-3, th 3 @ Griffin/Floyd 100



Instructor: Dr. Larry Winner


Office: 228 Griffin/Floyd


Phone: 273-2995


E-Mail: (not to be used for technical explanations)


Office Hours: Tu 11:00-12:00, W 12:30-1:30


TA: Minji Lee Office: FLO 115B   e-mail:    

Office Hours: W 10-11, Th 1:50-3:50


Text: Applied Statistical Methods and Linear Regression Notes (On class website) and

Ott and Longnecker, 2015. An Introduction to Statistical Methods & Data Analysis, 7th Ed., Cengage.



General Topics (Tentative)


        Multiple Linear Regression (Approx. 11 Lectures)

        Completely Randomized Design (Approx. 1 Lecture)

        Randomized Block and Latin Square Designs (Approx. 2-3 Lectures)

        Factorial Designs (Fixed, Mixed, Random Effects) (Approx. 3-4 Lectures)

        Nested Designs (1 Lecture)

        Split-Plot Designs (2 Lectures)

        Repeated Measures Designs (1 Lecture)

        Analysis of Covariance (1 Lecture)

        Discrete Probability Distributions / Intro to Generalized Linear Models (2 Lectures)

        Logistic Regression (2.5 Lectures)

        Poisson Regression (2.5 Lectures)

       Nonlinear Regression (1 Lecture)

       Introduction to Survival Analysis (Time Permitting)




This course will consist of a series of data analysis projects and 3 exams. The projects will count 25% of final grade, and each exam will count 25%.


       Exam 1: Tuesday, Feb. 7

       Exam 2: Tuesday, March 21

       Exam 3: Tuesday, April 18



Projects and datasets will be posted on class website.


SAS and R code will be provided for all methods covered in the course on class website.


R can be downloaded for free from the website:







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