STA 4211 — Design & Analysis of Experiments


Spring 2015



Instructor: Dr. Larry Winner


Office: 228 Griffin–Floyd


Phone: 273-2995




Office Hours: TBA


TA: Trang Nguyen   Office: 115B Griffin-Floyd      e-mail:  

Office Hours: TBA


Text:Applied Linear Statistical Models, 5th Ed. by Kutner, Nachtsheim, Neter andLi


Course Description


This course provides an introduction to the design and analysis of statistical experiments. Experimental design techniques are used in a wide variety of academic, industrial, and scientific areas. We will cover widely

used designs, and discuss practical and computational issues regarding their analysis.




·         Completely Randomized Design


·         Randomized Block Design


·         Latin Square Design


·         Multiple Comparisons of Treatment Means


·         Factorial Designs


·         Nested Designs


·         Analysis of Covariance


·         Intro to Response Surface Methodology


Tests and Grading (Weights to Be Determined)


• Exam1 – February 6  

• Exam2 –March 16

• Exam3 –  April 22 

·         ACL Exam – March 27

• Homework/Final Project & Presentation  





• Homework will be assigned from text, but not taken up. Homework assignments will posted on the web site that will be taken up and graded.You will have at least one week between assignment and collection.


• For each exam,you can bring one hand–written 4x6 index card with formulas and/or notes.


• No make–up exams will be given.


• Use e-mail sparingly. It is virtually impossible to answer technical statistical questions in e-mail messages. E-mail is not a substitute for showing up for office hours. Please do not send any messages with attachments.