EXCEL Programs

Statistical Analysis Spreadsheets

2-Sample t-test and CI's based on summary statistics

1- and 2-sample inference for Means and Variances (EXCEL 2010)

1-Way ANOVA based on summary statistics

2-Sample z-test and CI's for proportions w/ Relative Risk & Odds Ratio

Chi-Square Test

Simple Linear Regression with CI's for Means and PI's for Individual Outcomes

Relative Risk and Odds Ratios for Stratified Samples and Meta-Analysis          Blank File     Example File

Formulas for Relative Risks and Odds Ratios (PDF)

Normal Probability Calculations

Univariate Summary Statistics and Boxplot

Levene's Test (k<=6 groups, n<=1000 total observations)

Balanced 2-Way ANOVA Based on Means and SD's (Up to 20 levels for each factor)

Cohen's Kappa and Standard Error, CI, Z-test

Randomized Complete Block Design from Summary Stats and t-Statistic for Paired t-test

Confidence Interval for Difference Between a Partial Correlation and Bivariate Correlation, Controlling for 2 Variables

Confidence Ellipsoid For B0, B1 in Simple Linear Regression

Approximate Power Calculation Spreadsheets

Approximate Power for 1-Sample and Paired sample z-test and t-test

Power Calculations for 1-Sample Z-Test for mu

Sample Sizes for 2-Sample Z-test for 2 Means  (Independent Samples)

Approximate Power for 1-Way ANOVA

Approximate Power for Pearson Correlation z-test

Approximate Power for Odds Ratios in 2x2 Tables

Power for Test of 2 Proportions

Density Function Spreadsheets

Normal Distributions (Up to 6 at once)

Gamma Distributions (Up to 6 at once)

Beta Distributions (Up to 6 at once)

Bivariate Normal  (Includes 3-D plot that updates with parameter changes)

Miscellaneous Spreadsheets

Deal or No Deal Worksheet