Case Studies

Introductory Statistics

Descriptive Stats - Movie Reviews, Business Profits, Rainfall

Sampling Distribution of Mean and CLT - Philadelphia Rainfall 1/1825-12/1869

Normal Distribution and Correlation - PGA/LPGA Drive Distance and Accuracy - 2008 Seasons

Normal Distribution and Diagnostic Tests - BMI for WNBA and NBA Players 2013-2014                EXCEL

Common Families of Probability Distributions - Examples

Regression Models

Simple Linear Regression - Bus Company Cost Function

Simple Linear Regression - NFL Point Spreads and Actual Scores

Simple Linear Regression - Violations of Assumptions - Simulated Data

Simple Linear Regression - Autocorrelated Errors - U.S. Wine Consumption and Population 1934-2002             EXCEL

Linear Regression - NFL Point Predictions and Actual Scores - 2007

Simple Linear Regression - Graphing and Testing Model Assumptions - NBA Players Weights and Heights                EXCEL    

Simple Linear Regression - F-Test for Lack-of-Fit            EXCEL Spreadsheet

Simple Linear Regression - Stochastic Predictor - NBA Over/Under and Total Points 2014/5 Regular Season      R Program

Using EXCEL for Matrix Form of Multiple Regression Model - Hotel Energy Consumption   PPT      EXCEL

Weighted Least Squares - Cholesterol Drug Study with Unequal Subjects per Dose

Multiple Linear Regression - Estimating Elasticities - U.S. Sugar Price and Demand 1896-1914

Multiple Linear Regression - Regional Differences in Mortgage Rates

Multiple Linear Regression - Immigrant Skills and Wages (1909)

Linear Regression with Quantitative and Qualitative Predictors - Bullet-Proof Fabric Layers and 3 Bullet Types          EXCEL Spreadsheet 

Intrinsically Linear Regression - Cobb-Douglas Production Function

Multiple Linear Regression - Television Station Prices (Model Building & Diagnostics)

Multiple Linear Regression - Cruise Ship Crew Size (Model Building and Cross-Validation)

Multiple Linear Regression - Efficiency of Muscle Work  (Diagnostics)

Multiple Linear Regression - Texas January High Temperatures  (Complete/Reduced Models)

Multiple Linear Regression - General Linear Tests/Constrained Estimation - Cobb-Douglas Production Function

Multiple Linear Regression - US Coal Mine Output for Large Mines 2012 (Transformations)           R Program      Data

Multiple Linear Regression - Standing Heights and Other Stature Attributes for Female Police Officer Candidates (Multicollinearity/Principal Component Regression)

Multiple Linear Regression - China Carbon Emmissions and Population Factors 1978-2008 (Multicollinearity/Ridge Regression)

Quantile Regression - LPGA Earnings and Performance Statistics 2009-2010

Weighted Least Squares - Population and Technological Growth

Estimated Weighted Least Squares - Profits and Market Structure for High Advertising Firms

Nonlinear Regression - Orlistat to Reduce Fat Absorption

Poisson Regression - NASCAR Crash Data (1975-1979)

Poisson Regression with Rates - Traffic Accidents in Finland on Friday the 13th versus Other Fridays by Gender (1971-1997)

Logistic Regression - NFL Field Goal Attempts (2003)

Logistic Regression with Grouped Data - Lobster Survival in Tether Experiment (PPT)      R Program

Logistic Regression - Pre-Challenger Field-Joint O-Ring Failures and Temperature

Negative Binomial Regression - NASCAR Lead Changes (1975-1979)

Gamma Regression - Napa Valley Marathon Speeds by Age and Gender  (2015)

Beta Regression - Proportion of Prize Money by Race for Ford - NASCAR Races (1992-2000)

Multivariate Regression - Monthly British Butter Prices (1930-1936)

Trigonometric Regression - Tampa Bay Monthly Hotel Revenues

Systems of Regression Equations Firm Investment, Value, and Capital - 10 Firms (1935-1954)

Response Surface Model - Top Qualifying Speed by Track Dimensions @ NASCAR Tracks

Instrumental Variables in Systems of Linear Equations -- 2-Stage Least Squares Relating Golf Skills to Prize Money for 2009 LPGA Tourney

Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression - Airport Noise Effects on Property Values

Categorical Data Analysis

Chi-Squared Test and 1-Way ANOVA - Comparing 4 Diet Plans

Loglinear Models - Donner Party Survival

Relative Risks & Odds Ratios - John Snow's Cholera Investigations

ANOVA and Mixed Models

Comparing 2 Means - Unequal Variances - Art Course Effects on Reading Development

1-Way ANOVA - Innoculating Amoebae

1-Way ANOVA with Numeric Factor - Dose Response

1-Way ANOVA Matrix Approach with Various Constraints - Sexual Side Effects of 4 Antidepressants

1-Way ANOVA - Weighted Least Squares - Body Mass Indices among NHL, NBA, and EPL Athletes

1-Way ANOVA and Multiple Comparison Methods - Comfort Ratings for 13 Fabric Types

1-Way Random Effects Model - NBA Player Game Efficencies 2016/7 Regular Season        R Program

Randomized Block Design - Caffeine and Endurance

Latin Square Design - Tea Variety and Price Valuation

Balanced Incomplete Block Design - Car Price Quotes to 8 Interviewers by 28 Dealers

2-Way ANOVA - Thalidomide and TB Status in Weight Gain in HIV-1 Patients

2-Way ANOVA - One degree of Freedom for Non-additivity - Business Indices by 8 Sources over 18 years

2-Way ANOVA - Lacrosse Helmets Analysis

2-Way ANOVA - Beauty and Judgment - Halo Effect

2-Way Random Effects ANOVA - Repeatability and Reproducibility of Drill Hole Measurements

5-Way ANOVA - Potato Flavor Ratings

Unbalanced 2-Way ANOVA - Ethics Scores for Coast Guard Members

2-Way Mixed ANOVA - Women's PBA Bowling Scores - 2009

Mixed Effects Model Fitting - Wine Ratings of 20 Varieties by 10 Raters

2^n Factorial Design - Chemical Oxygen Demand Removal from Distillery Spent Water

Fractional Factorial Design - Controlling Shrinkage in Wool Fabrics, 7 Treatments in 8 Runs

Nested 2-Factor ANOVA - Water Levels in Florida Swamps

Nested 2-Factor ANOVA - Comparison of 2 Shampoo Formulations on Combability

Repeated Measures ANOVA - Rogaine for Women's Hair Growth

Repeated Measures ANOVA with No Between and 2 Within Factors (Multivariate Analysis) - Task Completion Times for Navigation Techniques and Input Methods         EXCEL Spreadsheet

Split-Plot ANOVA - LPGA Golf Scores

Split-Plot ANOVA -Wool Shrinkage by Treatment and Dry Cycle Revolutions

Multivariate ANOVA - Potato Ratings by Cooking Type

Crossed / Nested ANOVA - Moistness of Tree Branch Cuts

Hasse Diagrams for Crossed/Nested ANOVA - Pro Bowling Scores 2006-2007 Season

Analysis of Covariance - Comparison of Trout Head Lengths for 2 Lakes

Crossover Design in Modified Latin Square - 4 Irrigation Methods for water Usage and Corn Yield

Generalized Linear Mixed Model - English Premier League Goals - 2003

Meta-Analysis - Ford/Chevy Finishing Positions in NASCAR Races 1993-2000

Survival Analysis

Kaplan-Meier Estimation and Log-Rank Test for Ventilated and Control Flies

Spatial Data Analysis

Autocorrelation Analysis of Federal Land Values and Corn/Crop Data for Iowa Counties - 1926

Probability and Probability Distributions / Hypothesis Testing / Estimation

Bayes' Rule - OJ Simpson, Gettysburg, Craps

Conditional Expectations - Television Sales (PPT)

Normal Distribution - U.S. County Vote for Bush - 2004

Binomial and Geometric Distributions - Deta Airlines On-Time Operations in Atlanta June 2003 - June 2015                          EXCEL

Bivariate Normal Distribution - Heredity and Heights (Francis Galton)

Poisson Distribution - English Premier League Soccer Scores 2006/7 Season

Estimating Parameters of the Gumbel Distribution for Extreme Values - Rhone River Discharge Data (1826-1936)

Bayesian Updating of a Probability of Success - Yankees/Red Sox 2004

Likelihood Ratio, Wald, and Lagrange Multiplier Tests - European Premier League Goals 2004 Season

Permutation Tests - WNBA/NBA Body Mass Indexes and English Premier League 2012 Home Field Advantage

Estimating Parameters of the Gamma and Lognormal Distributions - Miles per Hour among Runners in Rock 'n' Roll Marathon 2015

Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis of Proportions - Dwight Howard Free Throw Shooting (2013-2014)

Multinomial Distribution - Soccer Game Outcomes for 5 European Premier Leagues

Mixture of Normal Distributions - Body Mass Indices of NBA, WNBA, EPL, NHL Athletes

Application of the Bootstrap - Film Average Shot Lengths

Inference for a Proportion - Results of an ESP Experiment

Multivariate Statistical Methods

Univariate and Multivariate Control Charts  -  Betting Odds and Wilt Chamberlain 1961-2 Points/Rebounds

Bivariate Paired t-test - WNBA Home Spread and Over/Under Deviations 2010-2018 Regular Seasons         R Program

Principal Components - LPGA Performance Variables  

Factor Analysis - Guide Dogs Training