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STA 7249: Presentations

Presentation Schedule
Evaluation Rubric
Class Presentation Instructions
  1. Choose a topic. You may choose to present a paper or even material taken from textbooks that extends methods or ideas covered in class. A few possible papers are listed below and in the bibliography of the course notes, but you are encouraged to look elsewhere as well. General topics areas include:
    • Ordinal models not discussed in class: ordinal probit model, adjacent category logit model, etc.
    • Other nominal data models.
    • More details on model diagnotics for binary, ordinal, and/or multinomial regression.
    • Bayesian inference for GLMs, or maybe for a specific GLM.
    • Generalized linear mixed models (GLMM). (However I will cover some of this in class.)
    • Generalized estimating equations (GEE). (I may cover some of this in class as well.)
    You may also choose to focus on a specific application provided that it is interesting enough and you are able to do the computing yourself.
  2. Check with me on the suitability of your topic before you get too far.
  3. Prepare a 25 minute presentation.
  4. Give the oral presentation in class. If possible I would like to have the presentations on April 20, 22, and 23, but we will discuss the schedule after the break.
  5. Send me an electronic copy of your slides.
A List of Some Papers for Consideration

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