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Working with S-transcript files in Emacs

Using Emacs's S-mode provides a nice way to go through the S-transcript files provided for the class. After starting Emacs, simply do the following in the Emacs window: You will need to either use the mouse or switch to the S process buffer (C-x o) from time to time to scroll that buffer so that you can see the S output. You can also scroll the S process window from S transcript file window by typing M-C-v (hold down both the Meta and the Control keys while typing v). It is a good idea to resize the Emacs window to make it as tall as possible, so that you can see more of both buffers. You can also change the relative size of the two windows in Emacs by grabbing the horizontal black bar between them with the mouse (click and hold with the left mouse button) and dragging it up or down.

Much more detail is available in the S-mode manual.

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