R for Categorical Data Analysis

My own notes on using R for CDA (pdf file) are definitely a work in progress. As I have time I will also make the corresponding scripts available in the list at the bottom of this page.

Here are some useful sources of R-related information and software:

Here are some R scripts to reproduce some of the computations done in class. You can either enter these commands one line at a time into the R window on your PC, or you can copy the whole thing into the Rweb code window and submit it. Lines that start with the # symbol are comments and are ignored by R (I put these in to help explain the commands). I'm getting behind on producing these scripts, but you will find a lot more in my notes above.

Here are some copies of the functions and data file defined in my notes for R and CDA above. Note that all of these are either going into the R package for the class (available soon), or they are included in the newest version of R.

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