Categorical Data Analysis
STA 4504, Section 5404
STA 5503, Section 0043
Spring 2000

Course Information

This instructor for this section is Brett Presnell. His office hours and other contact information are given on Presnell's home page.
Here is the syllabus for the course (in PDF format).
A calendar showing what we've done so far.



Most of the computations for this class will be demonstrated using SAS. SAS is available on the PCs in the CIRCA labs (such as CSE 211). The CIRCA "SAS for Windows" handout will get you started (hard copies are also available from CIRCA). You can also get SAS for your home PC through the new Student Home-Use Program (current price is $35 for one academic year).

R and Rweb

Many (all?) of the computations for this class can be done using "R", which is a free/open implementation of the "S" statistical programming language. You can install R on your PC or use the web-based version Rweb. Whenever time permits I will make available R programs (scripts) for the various examples done in class and in the text.

Other Things

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