These are copies of the lecture notes and a transcript of the R commands shown in lecture. You can try the R commands just by cutting an pasting them into the R command window.

  1. 2002-05-13 (Monday):
  2. 2002-05-14 (Tuesday): R transcript: commands only or with output.
  3. 2002-05-15 (Wednesday):
  4. 2002-05-16 (Thursday):
  5. 2002-05-20 (Monday):
  6. 2002-05-21 (Tuesday): Continued with notes from Monday.
  7. 2002-05-22 (Wednesday):
  8. 2002-05-23 (Thursday): Continued with R transcript from last lecture and further discussion of Project 2.
  9. 2002-05-28 (Tuesday): These notes will be used for several days. You may want to only print the first section at first, in case I decide to add to the later sections.
  10. 2002-05-29 (Wednesday): Continued with notes and R transcript from last time. One quick way to run all the R commands is to download the batch file (and the required function file t-wilcox.R) to the directory where you run R. Then inside R type the command source("chap04.Rbatch", echo = TRUE).
  11. 2002-05-30 (Thursday): Continued with notes and R transcript from last time.
  12. 2002-06-03 (Monday): Reviewed and answered questions concerning project 3 and then continued with notes and R transcript from last time.
  13. 2002-06-04 (Tuesday):
  14. 2002-06-05 (Wednesday):
  15. 2002-06-06 (Thursday): Lectured on blackboard. Derived the variance of the difference in sample proportions from two dependent samples and did a simple example.
  16. 2002-06-10 (Monday):
  17. 2002-06-11 (Tuesday): Finished up with R demonstrations from last lecture.
  18. 2002-06-12 (Wednesday):
  19. 2002-06-13 (Thursday):
  20. 2002-06-17 (Monday):
  21. 2002-06-18 (Tuesday): Final review notes for printing or screen.

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