STA 6934: Presentation Topics

You may choose to present any paper in this list. I may add more papers to the list if time permits, but the end of the semester is getting close. Some of these papers are closely related or have discussions attached to them. If you would like to pair up to take on more than one paper, or to discuss the discussions as well as the paper, please ask me.

Alternatively, subject to my approval, you may find another paper to present, or you may present a section or subsection from a smoothing text covering a topic not covered in class, or, if you are using smoothing in a substantive way in your own research, you may present your own work.

Plan your presentation to last about 1/2 hour (times two if you pair up). Do not try to present all the technical details in an article - you will not have time to present them, and you probably won't even have time to understand them all yourself. Concentrate on getting the main ideas across and explaining as much as you can. If the paper has an example that illustrates the main ideas really well, you might want to present it in some detail. If there is a proof that you want to present, try to figure out how to do it in a way that gets the main idea across without getting bogged down in details.

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