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Brett Presnell
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Analysis of Directional Data: Suggested Readings.

DS = Directional Statistics by Kanti V. Mardia and Peter E. Jupp (on reserve in Marston Library)
SACD = Statistical Analysis of Circular Data by N. I. Fisher (on reserve in Marston Library)
SASD = Statistical Analysis of Spherical Data by N. I. Fisher, T. Lewis, and B.J.J. Embleton (on reserve in Marston Library)
CSR = Circular Statistics in R by Arthur Pewsey, Markus Neuhauser, and Graeme D. Ruxton

  • Weeks 1-4: SACD, chapters 1–3; SASD, chapters 1–4; DS, chapters 1–4 and 9; CSR, chapters 1–4.
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