What is Minitab?
Minitab is a very easy to use, and powerful statistical computer package. It is used by colleges, universities and businesses around the world

We will use Minitab for our two projects - directions will be given in class and on e-learning.  You can also use Minitab to solve some of the homework problems assigned from the book.  The data sets for most homework problems are included in the data disk that comes with the textbook.

Minitab Versions:
There is a student version of Minitab that has fewer features than the full-fledged version that businesses buy but that costs over $1000.  For the purposes of our class, the student version is just fine. 

In addition, Minitab upgrades their product periodically, so there are several versions going around right now, Minitab 17 and Minitab Express seem to be the most common.  They all do pretty much the same thing, but the specific instructions for each one may be a bit different.  NOTE I dont know if the instructions work for Minitab Express so make sure you get Minitab 17!!


Where to find Minitab:

   Access it from UF Apps for free its supposed to work on any platform: http://info.apps.ufl.edu/

   All PC computer labs on campus have it (not Macs): https://labs.at.ufl.edu/

   Download it to your PC for free for 30 days OR Rent the student version of Minitab 17 for your PC from http://www.onthehub.com/minitab/