STA 2023 Tutoring Assignments
Spring 2000
Griffin-Floyd Hall 104

Period Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
2 Finkel Dugas Finkel
3 Finkel McWhorter Tekwe
4 Tekwe McWhorter Tekwe
5 Novikov Dugas Novikov
6 Gregory Holan Gregory
7 Sinha Holan Sinha
8 Stephens Deen Stephens
9 Klingenberg Deen Desai

On Monday, February 7, and Friday, April 28, the Tutoring Lab will be open according to the usual "Wednesday" schedule. (It will also be open on Wednesday, February 9 and Wednesday, April 26). The Tutoring Lab will be closed on Tuesday, February 8, Thursday, March 2, and Thursday, April 6.