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VEE Credit at U.F. (http://soa.org/files/pdf/edu-vee-dir-approved-courses.pdf)--updated Sept 12, 2007

At U.F., you can attain all three of the Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) credits.  A grade of at least a B must be earned in the class in order to receive credit for it.  For more information about VEE credits, check out beanactuary.org/exams/exam_vee.cfm (site also includes the application and approval codes for the credits).  You need to pass two actuarial exams before you can apply for VEE credits.

The following courses are approved if taken from the University of Florida.  For other schools, please refer to the link above.


Course 1

(Start Year- End Year)

Course 2

(Start Year- End Year)

Applied Statistical Methods
combo 1 STA-4210 (1985-2007) STA-4853 (2003-2007)
combo 2 QMB-3250 (2000-2007)  
Corporate Finance
combo 1 FIN-3403 (1974-2007)  
combo 1 ECO-2023 (1990-2007) ECO-3203 (1990-2007)
combo 2 ECO-2023 (1990-2007) ECO-3704 (1990-2007)
combo 3 ECO-3101 (1990-2007) ECO-2013 (1990-2007)
combo 4 ECO-3101 (1990-2007) ECO-3203 (1990-2007)
combo 5 ECO-2013 (2000-2007) ECO-2023 (2000-2007)
combo 6 ECO-3703 (1990-2007) ECO-2013 (1990-2007)
combo 7 ECO-3703 (1990-2007) ECO-3203 (1990-2007)
combo 8 ECO-3703 (1990-2007) ECO-3704 (1990-2007)
combo 9 ECO-3101 (1990-2007) ECO-3704 (1990-2007)

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