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...Go here to see who the 2008-2009 Officers are!!

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Here are the officers for the 2008-09 school year:


Diem Khuu                               



What I do for the club: 

As President, I am charged with holding club meetings, updating this website, and work with fellow officers to gain more awareness of our club and the actuarial profession at the University of Florida. Our primary goal is to work with hiring companies to find the right candidates as well as prepare job-seeking students, by holding resume and interviewing workshops. 

If you have any questions regarding the actuarial field, the club, courses, and exams, I'll be happy to answer them. Just attend our next meeting or shoot me an email at diemk05@ufl.edu.

Vice President/Mentor Coordinator

Kristin Kassing



What I do for the club:

As Vice President, it is my job to set up company visits. I
primarily focus on contacting companies who have recruited through UF in the past, but also work with officers to reach out to other companies and research new opportunities for our members.

As mentor coordinator, I am responsible for setting up contacts
between club members and working actuaries who are willing to
provide career advice and answer questions the student may have about the profession.

Please feel free to contact me with any question regarding the
club, actuarial profession, courses, exams, company visits, or
meeting an actuary.

Membership Recruiter/Webmaster  

Masson Liang



What I do for the club:

My primary position for the club is the webmaster. As webmaster, I am responsible with keeping the site up to date and running smoothly. I also keep members and those interested updated on the latest news and upcoming events relating with the Actuarial Science field. 

As Membership Recruiter, I am accountable with making sure UF students interested in the Actuarial Field are aware of our club and the benefits it may bring them.  Additionally, I strive to attract and encourage as many students to join our club as possible.

 If you have any questions about joining the club or regarding the website please feel free to email me at dsaad@ufl.edu.

Career Consultant  

Chad Cote



What I do for the club:

As the club’s career consultant officer I have two main functions. The first function I am responsible for is jump starting and maintaining the new “Find a Job” program for the club. I am in continual contact with a variety of companies with the prospect they will post their job openings on our club website. These job openings will be posted for a designated period of time and will give members as well as non-members a chance to view current job opportunities as soon as they come available.

My second function is to be in contact with actuarial recruiters. I have received great information for the type of services recruiters can provide. I am establishing a good rapport with recruiters, which will in turn open new doors and opportunities for all of the members of the actuarial club.

I also encourage fellow members to contact me with any questions regarding possible job opportunities. I will be contacting all members who are within four months of graduation to assist with their job search.  All members can contact me via email at chad.cote@ufl.edu.

Secretary/Treasurer/Fundraising Manager    

Sara Cohen


What I do for the club:

 My position of secretary will be to document club meetings.
 My position of fund raising manager/treasurer will be to manage  events to raise money, and to keep track of funds raised or  donated to the club.


Company Recruiter  

Corey Losey


What I do for the club:

As company recruiter of this club, I research companies outside of the southeast area and contact them to visit our club. I also work with fellow officers in any way possible to contribute to the club. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions.

Member Relations

Issam Labied


What I do for the club:



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