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Exam M(LC) - Actuarial Models (Life Contingencies) - covers “life contingent” actuarial models, including contingent-payment models and survival models; and special stochastic processes

  • Register to take the exam here

  • General description:  covers interest theory and introductory financial mathematics

  • Length:  3 hours; 30 Questions

  • Format:  Pencil and paper

  • Seasons offered:  Spring and Fall

  • Current locations:  If you are taking a pencil and paper exam, the Spring 2008 Exam Center list from the SOA is here.  The closest one to Gainesville is in Jacksonville at Blue Cross Blue Shield.

  •  UF Prep Classes:  (none at this time)

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    Exam MLC (SOA)

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    Tips for Passing

    Have you already taken an exam?  Whether you passed or not, other students would love to hear about your experience.  It is an intimidating process and the more you know about it, the better off you are.  Share your thoughts, feelings, experience, advice, and anything else you have to say about the exams on this page.  Just fill out this form and email to the President (alexamertens@gmail.com) to get it posted on here.

    Useful Links:

    Future Fellows - June 2001 - The Secret to Passing Exams (http://www.casact.org/newsletter/index.cfm?fa=viewart&id=4264)

    Preparing for the Exam (http://casact.org/admissions/futfell/mar00/prepare.htm)

    CAS: 2007 Syllabus of Basic Education: Hints on Study and Exam Techniques (http://www.casact.org/admissions/syllabus/index.cfm?fa=hints)

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