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    • Approximate grade release dates for pencil and paper exams are:

      • Spring exams: released in month of July

      • Fall exams: released in January of the following year

    • Electronic exam grades are released approximately 6 weeks after exam was taken

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    • Here you can see your exam score history including the date(s) you took the exam(s)

    • Exam grades will no longer be mailed to candidates.  They can only be accessed on this site


Check the Club Calendar for exam dates and registration deadlines.  The pages linked below will provide the following information on each exam:

  • Where to get study materials

  • Study group information
  • Member advice/feedback about the exam
  • General information about the exam
  • Other information

Joint Exam P/1

Joint Exam FM/2


CAS Exam 3L (coming soon)

Joint Exam MFE/3F (coming soon)

Joint Exam C/4 (coming soon)



What are these exams all about?    

In the route to becoming and Actuary, a series of exams must be completed to show your progression in the field.  These exams do not need to be taken in any particular order, although most people begin with Exam P/1 or FM/2.  Listed below are links to information about the preliminary exams.  To read more information about the exams in general, or the exams after these, check out this site.

Do not be fooled by the material. These exams are very difficult and when preparing for them they should be taken seriously in order to pass.  It is recommended that for every one hour of the exam, you should study at least 100 hours.  (i.e. Exam P/1 is a 3 hour exam, so it is recommended that you study at least 300 hours)



All exam descriptions were taken directly from http://www.ma.utexas.edu/dev/actuarial/Exams/

Exam M(FE) - Actuarial Models (Financial Economics) - covers “financial economics”: the basic mathematical analysis of options and other financial derivatives

3 hours

Format: CBT

Offered in July, November

Exam C/4 - Construction and Evaluation of Actuarial Models - covers ruin theory; risk measures; frequency- and severity-of-loss and compound models; simulation and its use in modeling; and construction and validation of actuarial models, including credibility theory and estimating and fitting survival models and frequency- and severity-of-loss models

4 hours

Format: CBT

Offered in June, October


Where Are the Exams Offered?

Currently, the CBT (computer-based tests) are offered in Gainesville (among many other places).  If you are taking a pencil and paper exam, the Fall 2007 Exam Center list from the SOA is here.  The closest one to Gainesville is in Jacksonville at Blue Cross Blue Shield.





Exam MFE/3F (Joint)

Textbooks / Study Manuals to purchase:

Seminars / Online Courses:


Free Problems:

Free Samples:




Exam 3L (CAS)

Textbooks / Study Manuals to purchase:

Seminars / Online Courses:

Free Problems:

Free Samples:




Exam C/4 (Joint)

Textbooks / Study Manuals to purchase:

Seminars / Online Courses:

Free Problems:

Free Samples:



These sites were found while doing searches.  This club in no way guarantees any information received from these sites.


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