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Do you want to learn more about computer applications you may use as an Actuary?  Then you are on the right page!!  This page is new to the site, so keep checking back for additions.  


FASS Excel Workshop Problems 4-19-08

Subject: PivotTable

Excel Pivot Table (8 Exercises)

Excel Pivot Table (8 Solutions)

Subject: vlookup

Excel vlookup (2 Exercises)

Excel vlookup (2 Solutions)

Subject: Random Stuff

Excel Random Stuff Examples



Practice Problems

Subject: vlookup

Excel Exercise2

Solution to Exercise2

Subject: PivotTable

Excel Exercise1

Solution to Exercise1



Free Online Tutorials:


School Data Tutorials

Online Introduction to Excel 2000 Manual


Tips and Techniques:



Microsoft- Description of the undiscovered tips about Excel

Mr. Excel

Pearson Software Consulting (sign up for the free weekly newsletter!)

Visual Basic Overview



Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys

Excel Freebies:




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