This supplement contains information about software for categorical data analysis and is intended to supplement the material in the second edition of An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis, by Alan Agresti (Wiley, 2007).


See Appendix A of "An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis" (2nd ed., 2007) for discussion of SAS, and go to SAS examples for Intro CDA for illustrations of SAS for data sets in this text and to SAS examples for CDA for illustrations of SAS for data sets in my more advanced text (most of which are also in the introductory text). For other examples of various analyses for some examples in "An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis", see the useful site set up by the UCLA Statistical Computing Center.

S-Plus, R and others

See Software for CDA for discussion about software for categorical data analysis. That site is designed for my more advanced text (Categorical Data Analysis, Wiley 3rd edition 2013) but is relevant also for the introductory text. In particular, Dr. Laura Thompson has prepared an excellent, detailed manual (over 250 pages!!) on the use of S-Plus and R to conduct the analyses shown in my more advanced book. You can get a copy of this at Laura Thompson S manual for CDA. Thanks very much to Dr. Thompson for providing this very helpful resource. In simpler form, Brett Presnell has many examples of the use of R for categorical data analyses from teaching a course at the University of Florida from the first edition of this book, at Brett Presnell material on R for CDA.

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