This supplement contains information about software for categorical data analysis and is intended to supplement the material in Categorical Data Analysis (2nd edition, 2002; 3rd edition 2013), referred to below as CDA, and An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis (Wiley, 2007), referred to below as ICDA, by Alan Agresti. In this appendix we provide details about how to use R, SAS, Stata, and SPSS statistical software for categorical data analysis, illustrating for the examples in the text. This supplements the brief description found in Appendix A of the "Categorical Data Analysis" text, 3rd edition, to be published by Wiley, fall 2012. For each package, the material is organized by chapter of presentation and refers to datasets analyzed in those chapters. For convenience, data for examples are usually entered in the form of the contingency table displayed in the text. In practice, the data would usually be entered at the subject level. The full data sets are available at datasets.


Go to SAS for discussion of SAS for CDA, and illustrations for data sets in CDA.

R and S-Plus

Go to R for discussion of R for CDA, and illustrations for data sets in CDA.


Go to Stata for discussion of Stata for CDA.


Go to SPSS for discussion of SPSS for CDA.

Other software

Go to Other software for discussion of other software for CDA, such as StatXact and LogXact.

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